YEAHR7GHT and Morusque meet Totorro and friends at the Ubu !

Tuesday 16th May

As part of the “Around the City” programme of ADDON meet-ups, a Networking evening (for ADDON participants only) will be hosted at the Ubu, in the musical atmosphere of created by Morusque.

For the second set of the evening, the Ubu will open its doors to the public for an offbeat and colourful concert evening, featuring Totorro and Friends and YEAHR7GHT!

Discover the Evening programme:

  • 7:00 a.m.
    ADDON participant restricted VIP Access


A diligent but somewhat undisciplined musician. Good knowledge of digital tools, demonstrates creativity in writing activities. Vocal accuracy and voice placement to work on, frequently mixes up in the lyrics of his songs. Overall strong individual. B-

  • 8:30 p.m.
    The doors open.
    Free entrance for ADDON participants & Stunfest Week Pass holders. Entrance fee: €12

Totorro and Friends

Totorro and Friends is a whole new visual and auditory experience. With their “game-concert”, these talented musicians from Rennes offer us a trip around the video game Another World, created in 1991 by the French author Éric Chahi and re-released in 2011. Exploring a world of varied sets, Totorro and Friends will open the ball with a music as rhythmic as is this innovative game that has marked a whole generation.

The concert was co-produced by Service Station, Clair-Obscur and l’Antipode in Rennes, hand in hand with 3 Hit Combo.


“Is art plan B?” That may be the reason why Isma de Hory has opted for using all aspects of it. Transcribing music into 3D objects is the main objective of the artist who will perform for the first time his setup developed on Unity, mixing Retro, Glitch and Electro.