The Capcom Pro Tour announces its attendance at the Stunfest

The most impatient of you has been waiting for it… the Capcom Pro Tour is back again for this 14th edition of the Stunfest festival!

The Capcom Pro Tour is a competitive global event, bringing together the best gamers on the Street Fighter license (fighting games). With 19 official tournaments around the world, as well as its attendance at independent tournaments, the reputation of the Capcom Pro Tour is well established.

The best players are awaited for the 2018 edition on Street Fighter V Arcade Edition, during this First Event for the EU zone, the third of the Capcom Pro Tour 2018 after Atlanta and Sacramento. Once again this year, we promise you a great fight on the Great Stage in the Liberté in Rennes. Who will be next to win first place at the Stunfest and succeed Japanese champion EG|Momochi in 2016?

Entries are already available, as well as for other Versus Fighting competitions, in the “Tournaments” section of the official Stunfest website.

You can attend the finals as a spectator on Sunday, May 20th from 5p.m. with a regular Festival Pass.

Ready to challenge your skill? 😉