The beautiful game of Superplay!

For the 14th edition of the international festival of videogame cultures, we encourage you to (re)discover what puts the fest into the stun: the Superplay!


Emblematic of the Stunfest, much like the Versus Fighting competitions, the superplay is an alternative practice of the video game based on performance: either finish the game as fast as possible—the speedrun— or try and break the record of a game—the scoring. A didactic aspect is also provided by the commentators who present and describe the different actions of the player, explaining the difficulties presented and the subtleties of the gameplay, in order to promote and attract a wide audience to this practice.

For more than 5 years, the SuperPlayLive Team (a French team of gamers) has been organizing and commenting on these performances, in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. During the 2016 edition, we had the pleasure of welcoming UnderscorePoY for Pokémon Gold/Silver and Biinny for Super Mario 64, who completed the game in just 51 minutes and 27 seconds!

Superplay lovers will also enjoy the return of the Wasshoi (Superplay on Shoot’ em Up games) with 4 gamers for this category. The world record holder on DoDonpachi DaiOuJou, Fufufu, will perform on the terrific White Label DoDonpachi DaiOuJou by Cave. Y. Saito will demonstrate his talent on Strikers 1945-II.  Two European gamers, Plasmo from Germany and Eaglet from Sweden, will also duel on Battle Garegga.