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Presented and moderated by Yann Chauvière and Manuel Bedouet

Please notice that all the conferences will be in french.

The festival offers many opportunities, especially for exchange and debate. This year again, we invite you to discuss the various playful, political, ethical, aesthetic, economic and cultural issues related to gaming in all its forms, including video games, the historical heart of the festival.

To address and debate such topics, we invited passionate amateur and professional stakeholders, who have invested in this field, including gamers, game designers, academics,
journalists, developers, etc.

These conferences are aimed to highlight the complexity and the ever-changing and multiple aspect of gaming, and to showcase it through the human and social networks it creates or through the expression and emancipation opportunity it offers. These sessions will enable everyone to acquire some critical and reflexive vocabulary to put their own practices
into perspective.

Access to the conferences for festival bracelet holders only (collected at the ticket office at the entrance of the Outdoor Village of the Stunfest).