Ready to hear some music that will blow your mind at the Liberté?

Once again, the Stunfest will organize its big concert night at the Liberté on Saturday, May 19th from 9p.m to 3a.m. The program includes:

  • The Algorithm
  • Look Mum No Computer
  • Jankenpopp + Zombectro

Jankenpopp and Zombectro

Musician, show man, electronic stringed-instrument maker, iconoclast producer and programmer: Jankenpopp is all of these at once. Armed with an effects microphone, gameboys, alternative game controllers and other “homemade” audiovisual instruments, this free spirit has developed an original musical approach that leaves room for improvisation and interaction with the audience.

On the occasion of the Stunfest, Jankenpopp will present his new album “L’AUTEUR EN PLS”, accompanied by his sidekick Zombectro (on Windows93 controls) for a Vjing that looks like a definitive internet museum. A Jankenpopp and Zombectro concert is the promise of an enjoyable show combining ultra-communicative energy and high technicality… Prepare to be amazed!

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The Algorithm

French musician Rémi Galleco, from Perpignan, began composing computer music while studying computer science. He signed his first contract with Basick Records following the 2011 Euroblast Festival where he made his name with an APC40.

Writer, composer and producer, The Algorithm has established a worldwide reputation by composing his own music, but also composed for the TV channel ESPN, as well as for the games Super Mutant Alien Assault and Hacknet. Rémi Gallego has recorded 3 albums, and will come to us with his own “Heavy Computer” style.

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Look Mum No Computer


You’ll soon find out, Sam Battle, a young Londoner who founded Look Mum No Computer, is quite a character. DIY enthusiast, the inventor of the “Furby Organ” (oh yeah!) demonstrates his ability to create music with just about anything! Since pictures speak a thousand words, visit his website to discover his universe and his genius ideas.


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