In Matter you explore a mystic and expressive world in a dynamic first person platformer. Dive in a dreamlike and abstract world where matter evolves and lives around you according to your actions.

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Unruly Heroes is inspired by the Chinese novel “Journey to the West”, players take control of four unlikely heroes. These heroes will encounter a diverse lineup of enemies to battle and cooperate with in a colourful fantasy world.

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Super Chicken Catchers is a crazy action coop game, a two team of two players compete against each other. One player is the mount, the other is the rider. Each player has different but complementary abilities. To win they will need to catch the chicken and flee the other team to score points and become the Super Chicken Catchers!

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Pawarumi is an epic shoot’em up set in a futuristic universe, inspired by the pre-columbian civilizations. You’ll play as Axo, pilot of the holy ship Chukaru, in a quest for revenge of the betreyal caused to the people of Earth. With its unique abilities, Chukaru can deal extra damage, heal itself or charge a super attack, simply by shooting with the right weapon on the right type of enemy! Mastering this Trinity Mechanic will be key to your success in Pawarumi.

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ScourgeBringer is a fast-paced free-moving roguelite platformer. Help Kyhra to explore the unknown and to slash her way through the ancient machines guarding the seal of her past, and maybe the redemption of humanity. « We don’t know where it came from, and why it started to spread the Scourge across our lands. The countless deaths it brought is our new reality. No one has ever returned from its depths. Go forth my child, may you accomplish the impossible task of repelling this ordeal. Such is the way of our clan. »

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Welcome to Snowtopia! Build the ideal ski resort, following the skiers’ desires, and improve the facilities in the wintry world of Snowtopia

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In Sbirz Embody Angus, a middle manager in a marketing department, one day finds himself inadvertently thrown into a parallel dimension. In this hostile world inhabited by the bizarre and the unknown, he will meet the small Sbirz people, whose powers he will need to use to – perhaps – return home one day.

Legend of Keepers is the perfect mix between a Dungeon Defender and a Roguelike. You have been hired as a dungeon master by the Company of Dungeon. Your job is simple: Protect their dungeons!

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A new perspective puzzle game in 3D! The adventure starts when the two space investigators, Kaiten and Ido landed on a mysterious cubic world to discover the secrets of this world. Use your sense of observation, cooperate, and think in 3D!

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Skelittle: A Giant Party!! play as a a tiny figurines discovering our human-sized world, challenge your friends in a series of funky mini games and create your own game sessions with the sandbox mode!

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Lastmoon is in a peaceful kingdom, an ancient powerful mage is coming back to life and launches a curse towards Earth. The Moon is starting to fall back with unexpected force. Will you still have time to save it and bring peace?

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Ghost 808 is an vertical shoot’em up, currently in development by 3 French developers. Focused bullet hell type, the peculiarities are to have dashes, to dodge, and dynamic aspects of the game based on the player’s skill. The game’s world is inspired by the Japanese space opera and Saint Seiya for history (warranty without plagiarism).

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Pile Up is a 1 to 4 player co-op 3D platformer for friends and families! Jump joyfully, play together and use items from the environnement to build the funniest piles! Coordination and creativity is required to progress through the colorful levels of the cardboard world and encounter the most friendly bosses!

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Beat the Clock is a dynamic roguelike RPG that requires reflexes and reactivity. Form a team of four among some twenty heroes with unique abilities. Tactical and dynamic combat turn-based.

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Magicarium is a simulation of an apprentice sorcerer in VR. The goal is to discover all possible spells and interactions with the surrounding environment. There is no specific goal, each player is free to act as he wishes.

Kairos’Light is a funny RPG simulation game. The almighty magician Kairos gives Edmond a chance to relive his youth to change his destiny! The player embodies Edmond in a fun and fresh world. According to his life choices, several destinies are offered to him in a game with multiple endings.

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In One Day To Remember you are a child who is waking up with ammesia in the ruins of a forgotten city. To find his past and discover the history of the city, he will explore every nook and cranny, while thwarting the obstacles blocking his path.

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Spliti is a contemplative puzzle/platform game set in a dreamlike world. You control the mind of a scientist stuck in an energy cube. You will have to be smart and clever to overcome obstacles and help the hero to regain his body.

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Disk Commander is a game where you play Bliki, a yunikan spaceship pilot which receive the power of the old disk to save his world. Your only weapon is this disk that which have cool behavior such as to stuck on the wall and wait for the player to recall it.

2DOOM is a 2D demake and tribute of the most famous FPS. Despite its cute pixel art, prepare for an intense, violent and bloody adventure! You’re not the hero. You’re just another Marine lost on Mars in a demoniac invasion. But you know how to use a shotgun and a BFG, you’ve been trained for that. Re-discover the DOOM universe in this unique tribute and discover a new part of the red planet.

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You are Skybolt Zack ! Fight your way leaping from enemy to enemy. The more enemies you destroy, the more the music intensifies and the more the action becomes frenetic!

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On Hair Dash you Defend your island and its inhabitants in this übercharged arcade brawler! Jealous of both the gorgeous mane of hair and physical prowess the mystical tree grants the inhabitants of your island, the King Octopus – fully and unabashedly bald – decided to invade your territory with his pirate minions! You play as Charming with an easy to learn but hard to master gameplay, offering both depth and a fast paced experience: one button to attack in each direction (left and right) and that’s your only way of moving, by attacking enemies! Defeat the hordes of pirates, made up of lots of different pirate types and their own mechanics, collect cosmetics to pimp your Charming and show the world you’re the best!

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Ninza is a fighting game like no other: a 2D platformer brawler. Dash the platforms of the level to crush your opponents and at the same time spare them to survive the crazy chaos around you!

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With their first project Sillysquad, Voxweaver offers a crazy party game where you have to feed the queen of your tribe with your opponent’s unconscious bodies. A mix of brawler and basketball that will put your friendship to the test.

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Hellink is the first visual novel about fake news! Investigate in 2044 in a humorous and cyberpunk universe.
Counter your opponents’ lies and thwart the plot that threatens Néo-Sorbonne!

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You will also meet the creators of a community platform for developers:

Redbricks is a community-based platform for the creation of video games. You can work with your player’s community: everybody can propose new functionalities, comment and finance their favorite games. Try an alternative model of video games’ production!

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