FAQ Tournaments

the schedule of tournaments for the next edition is coming soon.

To compete, you are required to pay both a “Festival Pass Competition” and the registration fee for the chosen game(s) to confirm your participation. The Festival Tournament Pass is for tournament participants only, and gives access to the entire Stunfest festival.
The Pass is only valid for the days you compete (the 3-day Pass is valid if you compete at least 2 days during the Stunfest).

For queries regarding the purchase of you ticket to the festival= tickets@stunfest.com
For queries regarding your participation as a competitor= tournaments@stunfest.com.

Once your Tournament Pass and fee(s) have been paid, you will be registered for the tournaments via the smash.gg event created for the occasion. For any queries, please mail to tournaments@stunfest.com.

more information soon !

There is no refund for tournament registration.

Tournaments are open without restriction (other than the purchase of a Competition Pass and payment of the registration fee) and the qualifying rounds will take place the same day in the Tournament Area.

During the qualifying rounds, the tournament area is restricted. In addition, large screens have been installed to broadcast certain qualifiers.
The final phases will be played live on the Great Stage of the Liberté, and broadcast on the festival’s various stream channels.

The rules of each tournament are described in the “Rules” section in the “Tournaments” page of the site.

You need to bring your own joystick.

All finals will be played live on the Great Stage of the Liberté, and broadcast live via a large screen and on the festival’s various streams.

You will find many catering stands in and around the festival grounds. You will need to buy hits that will allow you to buy your meal.