Call for participations Stunfest 2019

You are a games studio or an individual with a video game to demo, an association offering to organise an event or a workshop, a person or a collective with a performance or a speedrun, or even an author offering an art or video installation.

We are currently planning the schedule for the 15th edition of the Stunfest from May 13 to 19th 2019, and we are inviting you to come and host an experience or occupy some space at the festival.

Depending on your project, the terms and conditions of your coming to the festival will be different, be careful to pick carefully.

In this call for participations we invite you to choose between the following 4 categories :

– INDIE (3 possibilities)
• present your video game at the indie village for 3 days,
• participate in the competition and maybe see your game be rewarded by the Stunfest jury,
• demo a prototype work-in-progress during a discovery day.

– STRIKERS / You’re offering an event or a workshop,
– SUPERPLAY / You’re offering a performance, a superplay or a speedrun,
– AUTEUR MULTIMEDIA / You’re offering an artwork or a gaming installation.

END of our call for participation and forms closing date: Sunday 17th february 2019
We’ll get back to you from 24th february 2019.
Please be sure that you have enough people to maintain a continuous presence during opening hours.